Stellar Reviews.
Petite BBW.

“Good Times Never Seemed So Good”

Your Pleasure is my Business.

Hi! I'm Caroline! I am a petite BBW with the softest, supple skin of a cherub.
I am in my late 30's , with a perky 38C and a curvy figure. Feel my blond hair, get lost gazing in my emerald eyes, and taste my luscious lips. My skin a creamy alabaster. You will love to feel my silky body against yours.
I am discreet, funny, sexy, and I feel comfortable engaging you both physically and mentally.
I have no tattoos, no piercings. I never wear perfume unless it is requested.

My Schedule.

I took some time off but I am back! I will be available until the Spring.

My November schedule:

  • Available on most days with notice. If not listed that I am somewhere else, I am in Richmond.
  • Norfolk - Monday 12/21 & Tuesday 12/22

Our time together is .

Stellar Reputation

I am very well known in the community as I have built a solid reputation for several years. I am respected by hobbyists and other providers. You can trust that we will have a good time!


Your privacy, security, safety and discretion is always a top priority for me. I always host in upscale locations. I always destroy any personal details shared in the screening process.

Prompt & Punctual

I understand that you have a busy life and I will always respect your time. I am always on time and dependable. Just think, in as soon as 90 minutes, we could be having fun!

Donations for my time.

Let's Get

$ 300
One Hour

Let Me
Spoil You!

$ 400
90 Minutes
Most Popular

Interested in "Vitamin V?"

Let's have a glass of wine and see what comes up!
Just add $25 to either your 90min or 2 hour session.
Please tell me before our scheduled meeting.

I love seeing old friends & meeing new ones.

If we have met before, thank you so much for thinking of me and visiting my site! I can't wait to see you again.

If this is your first time contacting me, thank you so much for checking me out! I do require references before I can commit to an appointment. When contacting me, please be prepared to provide your screening details. Verification is for safety and security and is in no way meant to violate your privacy. I take discretion very seriously and I will destroy any personal information you give me after the screening process.

I am newbie friendly, however I am only able to see gentlemen 30 years old and over.

Some examples of acceptable verification methods are:

  • Provider References: The contact details of the 2 most recent providers you have spent time with. Please include any details which may help them recall your time together. Your references do not need to be local but they must be established.
  • 3rd Party Verification: Your P411 Membership Number, TER Whitelist ID, Avenue-X Verified Screen Name or ID on major message boards where you have posted reviews.
  • Military or Employment Information: Either send me an email from your .mil email address or from your company's email. I can provide an alternative email address which is not connected with this site or any NSFW content. Or provide me with a business phone number where you can be reached. I can use any prepared script to ask for you.
  • Government ID: Take a photo of your license and send to to me. I will delete it upon receipt.

I know all of this is very un-sexy but safety is a very serious issue for me as I am sure it is for you. I am always happy to serve as a reference for you in the future for other providers.

Where I host & Where I go.

When I am in Richmond, I host in the West End. When I am traveling, I always stay at upscale hotels. Your safety, security and discretion is always my priority. 

I am happy to visit you at your hotel while visiting the Richmond area. Please be aware that I do not visit private residences or low end hotels.

For areas in Richmond outside of the West End or Downtown, please add an additional $40 for my travel expenses. This includes but is not limited to all areas south of RVA: Midlothian, Chester ect.

One hour minimum for all outcall visits.


I am very laid back and I really do not have too many "rules." However, for us to have an even more awesome time, please read over my expectations.

  • As much as I would love to always be dolled up and waiting for your call, the reality is that I have a busy and full life, just like you. Please respect my time and give me a MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS notice before an appointment request. It is rare that I can accommodate last minute requests. I hate saying "no", so please don't make me.
  • You are always welcome to use my restroom to shower and freshen up. Please be sure to wash your hands before our fun begins. Mouthwash & mints are also available.
  • Our time together is about pleasure and I prefer to leave the real world outside. DO NOT DISCUSS POLITICS with me. Please do not make comments about politics or religion and do not wear any politically themed apparel.
  • When visiting my location, please dress conservatively. Do not wear bright colors, strange hats, or clothing with political messaging. Basically, have discretion and do not make yourself noticeable or standout.
  • I do not enjoy mutual showers. Please do not ask me to shower with you.
  • No wrestling or rough play. Do not touch/jerk/pull/push my head or hair. Please treat me like the delicate flower that I am.
  • Please no cologne or strong scents. Fresh out of the shower is always my favorite.
  • Discretion is of the utmost importance to me. No photography or recording of any kind.
  • Please leave my donation in plain sight when entering my location or when I enter your location. You don't have to worry about a card or envelope. If there is any discussion of this donation, our time together will end abruptly and immediately. Bottom line - NEVER and I mean never talk about money with me.

What Turns Me On.

I often get asked what are my "turn ons". Here is a list :
  • Great hygiene. The cleaner and fresher you are, the more I will want to do unforgettable things with you.
  • A great attitude. The more fun and cool you are, the more fun and cool I am!
  • Shoulder rubs always good! I love light touching on my back and legs.
  • Questions & Answers.

    I often get asked these questions. Here are my answers.

    No. The answer is 100% no. Although I appreciate your effort to make me feel comfortable, the only way I will be able to confirm an appointment is by one of the methods listed above. With this topic, there is no negotiation. If you are not comfortable with that, please see another great provider. 

    However, please keep in mind that if a provider is not concerned about their safety and security, they most likely will not care about yours. Please be leery of anyone that is not asking for screening. Let’s all be safe, and let’s all have fun.

    Trust is a two way street.  You have many ways of researching and back-channeling who I am. I have 200+ stellar reviews across several sites and a rock solid reputation.

    For me to feel at ease and completely sexy, I must know who you are. If the roles were reversed, I am sure you would not just allow anyone to come by your place – so put yourself in my shoes.  

    Please keep in mind that I am very discreet and the screening process is meant in no way to violate your privacy. I do not save any information and I can offer an email that is not attached to any NSFW sites.

    Yes. I received my third dose of the Pfizer vaccine in December 2021.

    Yes! My health and well-being is an issue I take very seriously. 

    Twice a year, I have FULL blood panel done for all diseases and conditions. I feel that it is my responsibly to myself and to the people in my life to take care of myself. I am deeply grateful for my health. I am a lifelong vegetarian and I exercise regularly. People often comment about my high energy levels and how healthy and good I look (ok now I am just bragging ;))

    I am by no means a “health nut” that will lecture you about any lifestyle choices. But this public service announcement would not be complete if I didn’t encourage you and all of my friends to get yearly physicals and health screenings. It really could save your life and nothing is more important than your health and well-being. 

    No. I do not. My donations are cash only at this time. 

    No. At this time, the longest appointment I can offer is 2 hours.

    Dinner appointments may be available to extend to 3 hours, just ask.

    Yes! Although I prefer room service, I would be open to doing that with a 2 hour appointment. Message me an ask about that and we can work something out. Please keep in mind that I am a vegetarian and I do not consume sugar (to the best of my ability). Basically, I can only do one chocolate dipped strawberry…ok..ok..maybe 2 or 3 😉

    Absolutely! I am always happy to serve as a reference for you. There is no need to contact me prior to giving my information to another provider that you wish to see. I will always respond promptly. Text messaging or email is my preferred method of contact.

    Please keep in mind that I am out of the country for about half the year, every year. Often, I am in another time zone which can vary from 1 hour behind to 10 hours ahead (but typically 6 hours ahead). This means if you are giving someone my information at 6pm on the East Coast of The States, it will be midnight where I am, so please plan accordingly.

    Spoil Me.

    Gifts are always appreciated and remembered but never expected.
    I have been known to enjoy a drink or two So, if you also enjoy a nice drink, please bring a bottle for us to share. I will drink just about anything but Pinot Grigio and vodka are my two favorite drinks.
    If you would like to bring me a gift, gift cards are great. The following are places I like to shop:
    • Lowes & Home Depot
    • Macy's & Dillards
    • Amazon
    • Target
    • Total Wine

    Contact Me.

    I can be reached at [email protected]. Send me a message & let's chat! Or call me on 804-313-9123.



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